Culture And Art

Hipster Look in 5 Steps

The Hipsters, who have pioneered a trend that has become more popular in recent times, are actually defending a philosophy. Hipsters don’t only care about […]

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Personalize Your Life

Combine Your DOGOs in 7 Steps!

1- On hot summer days, if you’re going to wear a comfy t-shirt over a pair of shorts you will be matchless with your new […]

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Travel and More

Fashion Tourism

Tourists tend to rebel against the boredom. They always find a way out from the house and see someone else`s world from their lenses. These […]

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Designers' World

Who Is a Fashion Designer

Brand and designer wars are far intense than Star Wars, eloquent and pervasive. There are people willing to spend their hard-earned blood, fight like Armageddon […]

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Designers' World

Fashion Designer Ayşegül Akköprülü

DOGO: Hi Ayşegül, can you introduce yourself to us? Ayşegül: I was born in Bursa in 1983. After I graduated from the department of Graphics […]

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