Fashion Designer Ayşegül Akköprülü

DOGO: Hi Ayşegül, can you introduce yourself to us?
Ayşegül: I was born in Bursa in 1983. After I graduated from the department of Graphics in Anadolu University I started styling education. These two educations combined in my job and I became Fashion Grapher. In addition to fashion graphics, I worked as a store manager and artist manager for a while, then I operated my own art gallery. After this process my designer identity outweighed. I’m about to publish my design brand “UNTITLED”. I moved to London lately.

fashion-designer-englandDOGO: Why the name “UNTITLED”?
Ayşegül: The name UNTITLED arose from the presence of many people who feel dependent to their title in my workplace. All my collegues were talking about the job even in our free times and I was bored. I think titles are addictive and they mean nothing. Your title can leave you or you can leave your title.

DOGO: How did you find UNTITLED?
Ayşegül: I wanted to express myself. I love using materials in a different way. So I wanted to make genuine designs and share with other people.

DOGO: What inspires you as a designer?
Ayşegül: Dialogs in movies, a graffiti I pass by, a pattern I see in the stores or the people I’m in contact with inspires me. These come together and create the whole collection. I love looking materials from a different angle and giving new forms. It’s kind of like making statues. I’m trying to keep my mind open.

DOGO: So how did you meet with DOGO?
Ayşegül: I discovered DOGO when I was walking through the stores in Boğazkesen street. When I learned that DOGO is located in İzmir I was shocked and said “Well done!” inside.

DOGO: Describe DOGO in 3 words.
Ayşegül: Colorful, energetic and happy.

DOGO: How is life going in London?
Ayşegül: London is a fairytale city for me. You can see all of the blue sky from everywhere. It’s not a built up city. London is very green and covered with lots of parks. Birds that we used to see at the zoo roam freely in parks. The squirrels are waiting for you to feed them in your backyard. The sky at sunset puts out every shade of the color it has chosen that day. Also, there is a queen who is loved by people and princes marry non-noble women, the fairy tale!
DOGO: London is your city, if we had 24 hours in there what would you suggest us to do?
Ayşegül: I would suggest you to visit a museum in your taste, then take a coffee break to relieve your tiredness and have a picnic at the closest park. You can be attacked by a goose family or a beautiful swan while having picnic? You can see cute squirrels everywhere. Definitely walk the London Bridge and shop from Brick Lane and Portobello Markets. You will find lots of exclusive designs and stores. Having dinner at a pub will be a good London choice. London has the most unique language in clothing for me. You can even travel on the subway with a character who came out of Alice Wonderland.

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