Culture And Art

Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

As we all know, everybody who watched the movie is a fan of Harry Potter. Since 2001 Harry Potter has had a very special place […]

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Frida kahlo
Culture And Art

Frida Kahlo and Her Artful Story

Frida Kahlo, who spent her life struggling with difficulties is known by everyone with her iconic thick eyebrows and braided bun. She is one of […]

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We Are Dogo

DOGO Bologna

DOGO is now in Bologna, Italy! We had the chance to interview Adwaa Al-Ariki, our store owner, who started everything with the dream of opening […]

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Personalize Your Life

Tie Dye Time!

During the corona days, when we spend most of our time at home and are afraid to step outside, lots of us have tried various […]

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