Fashion Tourism

Tourists tend to rebel against the boredom. They always find a way out from the house and see someone else`s world from their lenses. These casual backpackers and adventure seekers today have set up a $8.8 million global industry. Biggest industries including food and beverage, accommodation, many indirectly connected industries too. Some for Instagram stories, some immediately after marriage (to see happiness one last time), some for business, religious purposes and hit the roads.

Fashion tourism is kind of a tourism sought to consume, adopt and explore different fashions. There are cities like Paris, Milan and New York established their repute as fashion capital. Paris, having the foundations since 18th century when King Charles the IIV made a separate department for fashion and afterwards, it never looked back.

Fashion tourism, is so similar to cultural tourism; visiting various places to learn about cultures, way of dressing and draw inspiration from them. Creative tourism; designers and those related with fashion industry attending fashion shows to grab some different ideas. Shopping tourism; you visit to enjoy shopping spree. Also Fashion tourism is not just for going and shopping. It expands to visiting fashion museums, fashion streets, fashion schools and centers and noticing the street fashion in various regions.

A fashion tourist acts as importer and sometimes, exporter of style. Imagine a person from A Pakistan wearing his cultural Shalwar Qameez (local dress) attending Paris fashion week, letting the audience from around the globe to see how beautifully the world differs in styles and colors. Globally, renowned companies assign local brand ambassadors and inviting them to global events to blend together with the global fashion attire, to reach out to locals. Fashion tourist act as a bridge and moderator amongst different fashion capitals and absorbs the trends in a manner.


Fashion tourism goes beyond the personal leisure, it’s impact on economy is gigantic. Brands sponsoring Vloggers and Bloggers to use the products, pushing artists to shot songs introducing world of fashion to other nations. The fashion trends travel faster than light to reach out people, from shirts to haircuts, from flappers to wrist brands and become global overnight. Fashion travelers not only divulge a world that is unseen to their local communities, also they greet the local crowd back home with the glittering and soothing trends and approaches from famous fad districts.


Just lace your shoes, pack your bags and put your sunglasses on, plan the next trip to the next fashion week and inspire your own fashion tribe!

Guest Writer

Muhammad Farooq Azeemi

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