Welcome to the New Normal

What Happened to the World in 3 Months

We were all having our best lives going outside, hugging our friends, traveling by plane and then suddenly the Covid-19 outbreak came out of nowhere. Social life, work and education stopped immediately. Day by day it spread to 217 territories and over 4 million of people. Now, as epidemics started to taken under control, we have to adjust ourselves to the New Normal.

Today, when you go outside you can see people are wearing masks, billboards “If You Cough Call Your Doctor!” written on it appeared all over the streets. We learned what social distancing is and the importance of washing our hands 36 times a day. We need to get used to this new lifestyle of fighting against Coronavirus since we will not go back to what life was like before this pandemic.
Now we have to wear a mask whenever we are out, use hand sanitizer and always carry gloves with us so there has been a big change in what we carry in our bags. Weird right? Don’t be sad! You can still be stylish and healthy while carrying them. Our tiny sized DOGO Smallybags has a great width to provide you enough space to let you carry all those “the new normal” items, so you can just put the right things in it.


1. Hand Sanitizer – to clean your hands
2. Mask – to protect your respiratory tract
3. Gloves – to protect your hands
4. Tissues – to wipe your nose

Aside from whatever happens outside we always need to take care of inside. Feel yourself again, eat healthy, exercise and smile. Don’t forget to carry these things around you, stay home as possible and be safe!

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