Hipster Look in 5 Steps

hipster-trendThe Hipsters, who have pioneered a trend that has become more popular in recent times, are actually defending a philosophy. Hipsters don’t only care about fashion trends, they want to be different in every aspect of life. They reject every movement and want to escape the ordinary! They form a subculture that values independent thinking, modern politics, art, creativity and intelligence.
trend-vintageIn the most simplest way, Hipsters want to know and learn everything by themselves first. They want to discover a band before everyone else, learn about the wars in the world, travel, learn and even try new trends first! Because being a hipster means belonging to a culture. Being a fresh breath in society, dressing differently and doing things in a unique way defines them.

Refresh Your Wardrobe
Want to dress like a hipster? You probably already do. Everyone can be a hipster. Hipster trends just has to be fashionable, original, and something that includes design.
Skinny jeans and cargo pants, tote&long bags, casual T-shirts and lumberjack shirts are for you! If you want, you can wear from a popular brand or not it’s up to you .. For example, you can shop from second-hand vintage shops. This way you can support local boutiques. Flea markets, grandmother’s hipster-trendold lockers are also great choices. You can also choose the most comfortable sneakers for your foot.

Mustaches and Beards
The necessities of this trend is not only for clothes, hair, beard and make-up styles also require differences from the crowd. Generally, men grow their hair, leave their beard and mustache long as much as possible! As of today, let your hair and your beard get mixed!

It’s Music Time!hipster-trend
Get yourself a gramaphone or a speaker to listen your music cheerfully and turn up the volume. It is time to update your music knowledge from oldest to the newest. You can also use it as a decorative object in your hall and Instagram photos.


hipster-trendDo you have tattoos?
Hipsters must be original.. Think of a symbol, writing, visual or whatever you find meaningful as design. Imagine and push the limits! It would be marvelous for you to carry this on your body and you will certainly look different from everyone else.trend-vintage

Do Whatever You Want But Never Accept You’re a Hipster!
Never accept that you are a Hipster. Because accepting means being involved in a group, whereas Hipsters reject every movement.
A Hipster do one thing and other Hipster do another! Because this philosophy is based on being different from everyone else.

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