Month: September 2019

We Are Dogo

Success Story of DOGO

DOGO delivers cheerful design products to its customers in more than 80 countries by the internet and continues to grow by opening new stores to […]

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Travel and More

Foreigner’s Story : Being in a Different Country

The best thing about life is that you never know what’s happening next. I never knew what will happen next, was never putting a lot […]

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Personalize Your Life

Sailing Addict: Tolga Yağlı

Since ancient times, sailing counted undoubtedly as a very interesting extreme sport. However not everyone can learn sailing easily, if you have a strong patience […]

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Personalize Your Life

4 Delicious and Healthy Recipes

Cooking on hot summer days is everyone’s worst nightmare! Who’s going to cook now, when you can go out and swim? Eating outside food is […]

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