3 Steps to Find Your Perfect Gift with DOGO Gift Guide

   Every new year means new wishes, new hopes, and a new adventure. We have adopted the motto of “ .….. more this year” to help your adventure. We have created a GIFT GUIDE that will help you choose gifts for your loved ones by not forgetting your loved ones on this journey. With the gift guide, buying a new year gift for your loved ones is only 3 steps away!

Step 1 is to decide what your gift recipient would like to do “…… more this year’’.

In step 2, you must select the category related to your decision.

Step 3 is to add the product you chose to the cart 🙂

The gift guide consists of 12 different categories. For this, let’s take a closer look at the categories first.

If the person you are going to give a present likes to visit galleries, get lost in pictures, spend time at exhibitions, watch performances such as modern dance and ballet, the ART LOVER category is for him/her.

Art Lover Gift Guide

If he/she is someone who enjoys traveling, seeing new places, discovering new cultures, and tasting new flavors, you will find the gift you are looking for in the TRAVELER category.

Traveler Gift Guide

If the person you are going to give a present loves every cat she/he sees and likes to spend time with cats, you should look at the CAT LOVERS category, where there are dozens of products with different models and designs, before choosing your gift.

Cat Lovers Gift Gudie

If she/he says ‘dogs are the most loyal friend of people’ if she/he loves every dog she/he sees, whether it is a stray dog or a pet, she/he will love the products in the category of DOG LOVERS.

Dog Lovers Gift Guide

When buying a gift for someone who loves all animals, does not distinguish them from each other, you should look at the category of ANIMAL LOVER.

Animal Lover Gift Guide

A person who enjoys camping goes on nature walks, relieves the stress of his daily life with a grounding method, finds peace by watching the beauties offered by nature to us is a complete nature enthusiast. If the person you are going to buy a gift with has these characteristics, you can take sure steps towards finding the right gift for him by choosing the NATURE LOVER category.

Nature Lover Gift Guide

If the person you are going to get a gift is inspired by the sun, the sea, the beach, the long summer nights, we can say that she/he is a complete summer person. The products in the SUMMER VIBE category are the ideal products to make her happy.

Summer Vibe Gift Guide

When buying a gift for someone who likes to play snowballs, make snowmen, read books while sipping coffee on cold winter days, you should look at the products in the WINTER VIBE category.

Winter Vibe Gift Guide

It will be extremely happy to a Potterhead to receive a gift from the HARRY POTTER FAN category to someone who has stepped into the fascinating universe of Harry Potter by reading his books or watching his movies and admires this universe.

Harry Potter Gift Guide

You can find the right gift for a libertarian, revolutionist, creative, loving person, productive, emotional, and struggling person like Frida Kahlo in the FRIDA KAHLO FAN category.

Frida Kahlo Gift Guide

If the person is a fan of characters such as Bugs Bunny, Taz, Sylvester, Tweety, Scooby-Doo, Lola Bunny, or if the child is a spirited person, the designs included in the LOONEY TUNES FAN will attract the attention of that person.

Looney Tunes Gift Guiide

You can choose from the charming designs in the LITTLE PRINCE FAN category to gift those who travel to different lands with the fascinating world of the Little Prince.

Now that you know about the categories, only the last step remains. The third step is to choose the design and model that you believe reflects the person you will give a present, and add it to the basket. That’s how easy it is to make your loved ones happy in the new year!

 May you have a happy, peaceful and healthy year with your loved ones!

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