Foreigner’s Story : Being in a Different Country

The best thing about life is that you never know what’s happening next. I never knew what will happen next, was never putting a lot of cheese on the toast, just aiming not to miss the bus and suddenly life changed, I came to abroad in a new land to study, and became a foreigner in a new country!
When you’re foreigner in a non-English speaking country you face enormous problems. Everyone tries to teach you some slang and love to watch you speak in football club, or ask you to whisper in the ear of their friend standing next to you for fun. Be informed, if it’s not your day, you better have health insurance before doing so. Your cute little accent won’t save you. It’s so handy to learn something, at least some abusive words so you better not get manipulated by your joker friends! It’s always better to learn the new language quickly as it lets the doors of the new culture completely open up for you, where you can know more stories, meet more people, be a part of their lives and pay the fair price for everything.

Respect privacy! It’s better to find people who believe in what happens in the house stays in the house policy. You can never disrespect your flatmates cause if they have a legit story, no matter what, you will bite the bullet. It’s better to live with people from different nationalities, so you experience more culture, food, and traditions, and when you get angry, you can use your native language and gossip freely!

There were 100 drivers ended up in barren land, following Google map report says recently! Initially, it’s so hard to be proficient in local directions, many of the times you end up in a new city. So better just start with your work/school palace to wander around.

The stalkers behind
Once you move abroad and post on social media, suddenly you realize how many relatives you had! You will get contacted from relatives desperately willing to know your next move, how much you earn, about your latest picture at a world-famous tourist spot. Sometimes the stalkers think that a cool picture they see is what it’s all about living abroad, ignoring how much we try to survive without loved ones and family!

If you are a foreigner and have a taste of your yummy local cuisine, better drop it. Even if you find the local restaurant, it’s never even close to what your mother cooks. You adjust your self to the culture, and better be flexible. Sometimes you come across the similar cuisines taste but still your local breakfast won’t be with you!

foreigners-travel-friendsSocial life and Relationships
Please change your definitions of relationships and friendships before you become a foreigner in an other country. You may find extraordinary people but oftentimes, you will be confused is this the same person as yesterday. It’s about the culture you better understand before building huge expectations. It’s not them who entered your world, it’s you willing to enter theirs so, you better respect and understand how social life works out in a different region. Follow your originality, the world will adjust.

Guest Writer Muhammad Farooq Azeemi

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