Without Art Life Is Just “Eh!”

Art should be at the museums and galleries only?

Let’s add some color to the city!

Since many years, streets have been the places where emotions are transmitted by street artists. However, graffiti and mural art works try to survive these days.
In most countries, many of the building owners and municipalities are not happy with these kind of art. Graffiti are illegal and municipalities give penalties to the building owners and artists if they’re not cleaned within 20 days. Painting the walls without the building owner’s permission is considered vandalism, which is a punishable crime.
That’s why most of the artists sign their work by nicknames.
Some of us appreciate to see artist touched walls as an art show on the best canvas .
By graffiti and mural arts, every wall can be turned into an art piece.
Art belongs to people and art feeds the souls.

Every street artist has a story to tell.

Let’s hear those stories from the street artists all over the world:


Eduardo Kobra/ Brasi


Hosier Lane / Melbourne




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