Special Guest: DOGO

As DOGO, we attended “Bi’ Dünya İş” conference held by Izmir University of Economics Vocational School. Leading entrepreneurs of the sector came together with the students to share their experiences and difficulties they’ve encountered in business life. DOGO’s Founder and Chairman Gökhan Peksarı gave a speech about “Fundamentals of Design Oriented Thinking”.
special-guestIn his speech, he shared the story of creating a brand that succeded to print designs on shoes for the first time in the world and achieving global success. Peksarı expressed the stages of “Design Oriented Thinking” method which is used by leading innovative companies. Also he mentioned the importance of searching modernist approaches while solving a problem.
After the conference, a pleasant workshop where students can both learn and compete was organized. They produced ideas about negative attitudes towards vocational education by the Design Thinking approach. DOGO gifted it’s funny and unique products to the winning team.The winning team, Zeynep Deniz Yıldızhan, Polat Bakır and Onur Öğretmenler shared their experiences with DOGO.



Onur Öğretmenler:

I would like to thank so much to DOGO Design family for being able to reflect my lifestyle with my shoes.

Zeynep Deniz Yıldızhan:

DOGO lets people to go beyond standards that’s why I appreciate their work. As a vegan, I am very proud of their sensitivity to animals. In Turkey, unfortunately we can’t find so many vegan brands that respect these issues. My shoes look exactly the same as on the website, it’s very comfortable and it fits perfectly. Thanks DOGO!

Polat Bakır:
DOGO colored up my life with unique designs and I hope it will be continued. I loved my shoes, they are so comfy! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

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