DOGO Lovers All Around The World- Sina Silvan from Switzerland

Sina, Welcome To DOGO Blog!

Can you tell us about yourself?

SINA: So my name is Sina, I am 16 years old and I come from Saas-Fee (CH). I love doing sports and being outside, for this good shoes are the most important thing for my own comfort and health.

DOGO: When did you meet DOGO?

SINA: I never liked shopping a lot but when it goes about sneakers , rain boots and hiking shoes I love to try them on. The best thing is when you can enter a store and see YOUR SHOE without searching long. This happened to me one year ago in Barcelona. I saw the Dogostore and fell in love with the middle high “around the world in 80days” boot. It was perfect for everything, school, up dressed days and easy walks in the woods. So I wore them all the winter, almost every single day. Until they broke because I loved to use them so much. I could trow them away so I fixed them whit some special glue and much love and wore them all summer long too. Here in the mountains this shoes fit always and also for traveling around they are so comfortable and practical.

DOGO: What is your favourite DOGO design and product?

SINA: My favourite DOGO design and product is the “around the world in 80days” shoe of course. It was the product I fell in love at first and I hold on this one so much! Is great!

DOGO: Describe DOGO with 3 words.

SINA: I describe DOGO with this tree words:
fair, characteristic and courageous, because of their vegan leather, there different designs who describes the owners feelings and interests and because sadly not everyone is courageous inuff to wore this product yet, but I see forward it changes!


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