Dogo Lovers Around The World- Shiri Wizner from Israel

DOGO: Hello Shiri, Welcome to DOGO BLOG!

Could you please tell us your favorite way of a day/plan for a perfect day?

Or Favorite combination of a perfect day?

Shiri: A perfect day would probably include good food and great company. So I’ll choose a road trip with my best friend up north or to Tel Aviv, with a little bit of shopping, wine&dine and exploring the city.

DOGO: When did you meet DOGO?

Shiri:  I met Dogo for the first time in Sawgrass Mills Mall, Florida. The Batman shoes

immediately caught my eyes, as I’m obsessed with super heroes. I really liked the store and

purchased a big leopard clutch as well.

DOGO: What is your favourite DOGO design and product?

Shiri: My favorite design is my Batman shoes, also Chloe and the laced booties.

DOGO: Describe DOGO with 3 words.

Shiri: Dogo is unique, fun & sophistication

DOGO: What is your biggest dream?

Shiri: My biggest dream…  Peace on earth. Seriously.

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