Now, We Are at Galataport İstanbul

We took our passion for design along with our admiration of Karaköy and our love towards the history of Istanbul… Now, we are in Galataport.

A new destination is emerging in Karaköy, one of Istanbul’s oldest and most important trade centers. In this destination, offering us culture, arts, fashion, and an extraordinary shopping experience; we, as DOGO family, bring our designs together with our local and foreign visitors in our brand-new store.

You know us well. While developing our designs, our inspiration comes from our emotions, our passions, and nature. Besides the inspiration we take from our animal friends and natural beauties, architectural works, urban fabric, and traveling themes evoke our admiration. Galata Tower is among the buildings we gain inspiration from. The floating of Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi from Galata Tower is like a reminder of our innovative and free spirit. Long story short, we love being near Galata Tower.

Galataport Istanbul holds a special place for us. This project, offers a new living space with its proximity to Galata Tower, its seafront location, and its exceptional view, changes the shopping experience. Indeed, shopping carried out under artificial lights in between white walls turns here into a pleasure among historical buildings accompanied by the scent of the sea and the sound of the waves.

Galataport Istanbul brings new life to the magical world of Karaköy. Also known as “the Ottoman Empire’s gateway” to the world, Karaköy hosted maritime trade with Europe during the Ottoman period. Today, Galataport Istanbul project plans to play a crucial role in restoring Karaköy to its former commercial significance. Located on the shore of the Bosphorus, Galataport Istanbul marina provides easy access for private boats and cruise ships. Thanks to its unique location, a new living space is being offered both to locals and domestic and foreign tourists.

Looking forward to meeting up in Galataport Istanbul, our new destination…


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