DOGO Lovers All Around The World- Yana Gessle from Barcelona

Hello Yana, Welcome to DOGO BLOG!

Could you please tell us your favorite way of a day/plan for a perfect day?

Or Favorite combination of a perfect day?

Yana: Well, I finish my work at 12 pm and have some precious time to spend in my favourite cafe in JBR reading a good book and enjoying the perfect winter weather. Then one of my friends joins me for a lovely conversation and sharing these wonderful moments. I smell my coffee and eat some delicious cake. Then we go for a small shopping to find something nice and stylish. And in the evening we have a plan to go to my favourite art gallery to see what’s new there. Also I love art and cinema festivals and fashion shows. I love adventures and adore to explore new places.

DOGO: When did you meet DOGO?

Yana: I met DOGO in Instagram. I saw unbelievably awesome high heeled shoes and fell in love. They looked like the shoes of my dream. I was happy to know we have Dogo store here in UAE. But far away from the place I live. But it can never stop me. I came to this store to find these shoes. I tried them on and was really surprised how comfortable they were! This is how I got my first pair of Dogo shoes. I can walk miles and miles in these high heeled shoes.

To be continued…



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