Dogo Lovers Around the World : Bohem Mother From Turkey

Bohem Mother, one of the favorite bloggers, is now our guest on DOGO Blog.

DOGO: Hi! When did you first meet DOGO?

Bohem Mother: It was in 2011 when I was in Cihangir. At first, I didn’t think that this kind of fun and creative products could be so comfortable. Now, I’m glad that I got them and met DOGO.

DOGO: What is your favorite DOGO design and product?

Bohem Mother: Short bootz “White Swan“ and “Nope“ are my favorites, but in fact, I love all of them.

DOGO: Describe DOGO with 3 words.

Bohem Mother: Dream, color, and comfort.

DOGO: We know your kids are also using DOGO. How do you choose the right shoes for your children?

Bohem Mother: I prefer comfortable, water-proof, non-slip and breathing shoes.

DOGO: What do you love the most about DOGO children’s shoes?

Bohem Mother: Their creative and fun designs.

DOGO: Thank you for being a guest on DOGO Blog, it was a pleasure for us. Do you have anything to add?

Bohem Mother: I love all DOGO designs, they excite me. DOGO is the happiness on my feet.

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